TAMRON 18-400 REVIEW -One LENS To Rule Them All?

Welcome to the food store for an unboxing sniff test and mini-review of this tamron18 400 3.5 6.3 VC lens. now let’s take it out of the box and see what we have and see who its for.

so let’s do this you’ve got a piece of paper this has your serial number on it .that’s good to remind you to put it into your my gear vault .you’ve got some paperwork which you’ll never read and then you’ve got the lens inside some cardboard.

so let’s pop it out of here come on pop out okay there’s that there’s that and here is the lens .now it doesn’t feel as light as I expected but it also doesn’t feel like its the best built in the world and you’ve got to understand that when you get to these super

mega zooms this is 18 to 400 that means its a 28 640 on a Canon camera and its a 27 to 600 equivalent on the Nikon because when you’re on Nikon you multiply by 1 point 5 for those crop sensor cameras and on canon its 1.6 so it’s going to give you a nice wide-angle to get those group shots and its gonna give you the nice ability to reach out and grab an image far away now it

also comes with a lens hood i always recommend that you leave the lens hood on the outside like this so that it could cut down on any stray light that may interfere with your images now i took this out to the zoo because thats a great place to do test shots i was able to show what 18 millimeters would

look like when shooting the lemurs indoors and then 400 i reached out and i grabbed that lemurs eyeball because i was like wow 18 is insane because its ultra wide and then to be able in one lens to reach out to 400 is amazing the same thing happened when i photographed the lions out you could see the wide-angle shot and be like oh wow thats pretty bad because you can

see all the netting and fencing but then im able to zoom in and shoot through the netting and fencing and get a nice shot of the lions and the same thing happens when you photograph the bald eagles its like the fence just disappears now what you have to remember with a lens that is variable

aperture from three five at eighteen which means thats gonna let in the most amount of light when youre wider as you zoom in youre cutting down on the amount of light that youre letting in to the camera so what happens is when you shoot indoors your iso is gonna have to go up to compensate

for that six points three aperture meaning, you may see some more noise and grain so if youre leaving the camera in full auto it is gonna really boost that iso so just be aware when youre indoors its gonna be much harder to get

crisper and cleaner images because most of the time youre not gonna have enough light inside but whats cool about this lens is that it has the c vibration compensation meaning its gonna counteract your movements now its not the best vc in the world that comes in the two three four six thousand dollar lenses youll find the best vc this is fine its okay i leave it

on all the time when im shooting with this lens because i want to counteract any movement that i have or counteract movement if im shooting at a slower shutter speed but a lot of people want one lens to rule them all they want one wide-angle to telephoto zoom to travel the world with and with that comes responsibility and the responsibility is basically a trade-off that

youre not going to get the greatest quality in the world when you have a super mega zoom but i was surprised with the colors and tones i was able to pull out of the raw files it was also sharper than i expected i didnt expect it to be as sharp as it was when i zoomed in on the computer now i did notice at the wide-angle at 18 theres some distortion around the edges but thats to

be expected in a mega zoom and then all the way zoomed out at 400 i saw a little bit of vignetting going on at the corners but again thats expected youre youre not gonna get the best of the best in megas but if youre looking for one lens to travel the world with thats gonna give you the wide-angle shot of say the vatican and then the tight shot of the pope up in his pulpit thing

then youre gonna be able to reach out and grab him and get the wide shots so you can tell a nice story with it now lets give it a sniff ii mix nificent and see what it smells like yeah smells like animal feed maybe because i was rolling around at the zoo with it but hey lets see how it does in the wind tunnel test next not bad because its super narrow and super slim the air

tends to just flow around it and i also want to remind you that you can download the sample raw files so that you can look at them for yourself to determine if this is the right choice for you and lastly how is it when it comes to video because these days a lot of people want to shoot video as well as stills its gonna be alright its gonna give you the ability to get your

wides and be stabled with your VCs and also zoom in a little bit but its not going to be the best focusing to track that subject running around the soccer field though if you’re shooting soccer and your kids are playing it will be good for reaching out and getting those tight shots of action but understand that six points three the background is gonna probably be in focus so if

somebody on the sidelines picking their nose and the kids halfway across the field they both may be in focus but again it’s that trade-off because after the game you’re able to get that wide-angle team shot because you can shoot at 18 millimeters so again is this worth 650 bucks well that’s for you to

determine that’s if you want one lens to take around and you understand the trade-off that’s happening in terms of quality in exchange for the ability to have a mega zoom but at the end of the day for six hundred and fifty bucks how is this lens it’s not bad but just understand if you’re an amateur

and you’re just somebody who wants a mega zoom to travel around with it could be a really good option for you if you’re somebody whos growing as a photographer I wouldn’t put my 650 bucks into something like this I would consider multiple lenses from Tamron like a 24 to 70 or a 17 to 55 to 8 and a

70 to 200 to 8 youre gonna spend more money but youre gonna enjoy it more into the future so thats it guys thats an unboxing and sniff test hear from the frodo store let me know what you think down below is this lens

for you is it not for you why or why not and thank you very much for watching Jared Polin froknowsphoto.com see ya

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