Comparison- Sony Skin Tones VS Canon Skin Tones


Sony Skin Tones VS Canon Skin Tones::-If you are a photographer or like to take photos you have a question on mind that, Sony camera vs Canon cameras which one captures better skin tones in portraits photography.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the skin tone. So, in today’s article, I am going to cover this question with some example photoshoot.

Ever since I started using the Sony a73 just over a year ago side by side with my Canon 5d Mark 4.And also try to answer which is the best camera for skin tones.

So today I’m going to be answering Sony Skin Tones VS Canon Skin Tones the age-old question with lots of fertile examples straight out of the camera of us or a skin tones really that bad.

Recently I did a photoshoot on the Sony a73 and the Canon 5d Mark for comparing the Zeiss 35mm 1.4 to the Canon 35mm 1.4 marks 2.

Guess, which is the best camera for skin tones. Please let me know in the comment section.

While I was selecting the photos to edit then I noticed something really interesting that I just had to share with you guys. During this photoshoot, we went to a few different locations and shot the exact same verdure on both cameras testing out things.

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Like different lighting situations, different apertures, different distances to the background in each comparison that we did.

Sony vs Canon Skin Tones

sony vs canon skin tones

So here we have a roll further straight out of the camera of one of those comparisons. That will short on all the same settings on the equivalent camera body and lens.

I have no picture profiles or creative shooting styles set for either camera. They’re both set to either normal or standard. I shot both these images on the same aperture shutter speed I assure and white balance.

Also, just a side note the picture profile is more important to change if you’re shooting video rather than roll photos.

As you can see from these unedited images, the Canon file straight out of the camera has a slightly warmer look and a slight green tint.

The Sony file has a cool look and a more pink tint to the image. But aside from that, there isn’t a huge difference in what the skin tones look like.

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I personally like what they both look like both Styles can come in handy depending on your style and your taste. What kind of photography you’re doing and what kind of location you’re shooting in as well. I’ll have an example of that coming up in just a minute.

Sony Skin Tones Example

sony skin tones

I also wanted to show you that we’re just two quick clicks in Lightroom that can get the Cerny file looking exactly the same as the canon. And we can also get the Canon file looking exactly the same as the sony.

Because honestly neither is right or wrong they both look pretty good straight out of the camera. So here we are in Lightroom the Canon file is on the left and the Sony file is on the right.

Canon Skin Tones Example

Since the Canon Skin Tones, furder is warmer we’re going to bring up the white balance of the sony image to match it. So I think just about here looks good.

Because the canons file has a more green tint. We’re also going to pull the tint down to get them looking the same. That’s really it there’s no need to go into HSL or split turning or even camera calibration to get the files looking.

The same white balance and tin do the trick. After our tweaks here are the two RAW images side-by-side. I love to know what you guys think in the comments.

Canon Skin Tones

So me personally I think they both look great and have great skin tones for me. To be able to work with as a base to do my edits in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Without having to worry about the skin or thinking that skin tones are an issue that needs to be fixed while I’m editing. So as I mentioned the Sonya73 has been a recent addition to my camera bag.

I love using both Canon and Sony to do portrait photoshoots. Sometimes I use one or the other and sometimes I use both of them together for one session.

I also shoot weddings as well. So I normally like to use my Canon cameras for the daytime portion of the wedding. Since I have all the lenses that I need for anything that could possibly happen.

Then I love to use the Sony a73 for the reception or the nighttime portion. Just to make use of the low-light capabilities and it’s focusing features as well. And even though I tend to use both cameras for one session sometimes.

Sony Skin Tones VS Canon Skin Tones Color Difference

The color difference is so minor. It really makes no difference in my workflow at all. I always edit all my photos with my custom-made Lightroom presets. Which are over at

Sony Skin Tones VS Canon Skin Tones Color Difference

These presets can be applied to both Canon and certain files. So I’ll just show you quickly with this first image. I’ll apply my mountains for preset to the and file then a minute select the Sony file paste the settings and on take the white balance.

And exposure since we just color match them and press apply. Since I shot the sony image from a slightly different angle the light is a little bit different.

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So I’ll adjust the exposure to match. Here you can see the final photos side by side barely any difference.

make sony colors look like canon

The next example I have was a shot taken at f/4 in the shade. So there wasn’t any sunlight to cause any real shift in white balance in the time, it took me to take these two photos.

Sony Skin Tones VS Canon Skin Tones Color Difference

In these examples, we can see that there is mostly only a difference in tint rather than white balance. The Canon image again looks a little bit greener and the Cerny looks a little pinker but both images have great skin tones.

In fact, I think I’d personally prefer what this sony file looks like straight out of the camera with these true photos. So again here in Lightroom. I have the Canon file to the left and the Sony file to the right.

canon vs sony skin tones Color Difference

I’m going to bring the tint of the Sony file down and get it to look exactly the same as the Canon. That is pretty much it here we can see that the skin tones from both cameras are practically identical.

Sony A7iii Skin Tones

The next point I wanted to mention is that in the Sony a73 and the Canon 5d Mark for white balance menu. You also have the option to change what the tint looks like straight out of the camera.

So if you want the Sony files to look more green like the canons you can change that. If you want the Canon files to look pinker like Sony you can also do that.

They are both super customizable to get the raw file looking exactly how you want straight out of the camera. On sony a7iii color science, it’s called white balance adjustment and on Canon, it’s called white balance shift.

So if you wanted to shoot with both cameras you can have them color matching on the day. So you don’t need to make these extra adjustments in Lightroom afterward.

Portrait Photoshoot

The next example I have is from a portrait photoshoot taken on a really bright day. We were shooting in a super green location back Liat with no lens hood.

In these images since the location was very green and warm. I actually prefer what the Sony file looks like straight out of the camera. Those pink and blue turns that you could see.

canon colors on sony a7iii Portrait Photoshoot

So prominently before have actually really helped turned down the extreme color cast from the location in our portrait.

So this time I want to edit the Canon file to look more like the Sony. Here we are again in Lightroom this time the Sony file is on the left and the Canon file is on the right.

We’re going to start by bringing up the exposure just so we can see her face properly in the Canon file. Then I’m also going to bring down the highlights just to bring back that detail in the background.

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So in order to color match these files I’m going to bring the white balance down more into the blues. Now we’re going to bring the tin up more into the Pinks.

fixing sony skin tones

Here we have our final raw images. I’ll also zoom in to a hundred percent, so we can really see what it’s done to the skin tones.

I feel like the sony skin tones, unlike popular opinions I see a lot are very smooth the colors are not patchy in any way and there’s nothing weird or crazy going on.

Just in case that wasn’t enough.

Portrait Photoshoot Example 2

I have one more example for you guys this time. It’s a portrait shot in direct harsh sunlight. So these here are the original photos straight out of the camera.

Then with the same white balance and ten adjustments, I showed you earlier in this article in Lightroom. Here are the final raw images and the skin tones look great. They also look to me exactly the same.

sony a7iii skin tones

Before I finish up with this article those are some of the main examples. That I wanted to show you specifically with the Sony a73.But I did also use to shoot on the Sony a7 Mark 2.

And I have a couple of rolls for two examples to show you guys with that as well. So I do feel like the Sony a73 has come a long way with skin tones. I think they look beautiful straight out of the camera the a7.

Sony Skin Tones vs Canon Skin Tones Difference

The skin tones were a little bit different but they weren’t bad at all. They could still be matched to Canon so here is a rolling file from the Sony a7. A rolling file from the same day and the same photoshoot on the Canon 5d Mark 3.

Again I just wanted to do a couple of quick tweaks with the white balance and tint in Lightroom to show you that you still match the skin tones.

Sony Skin Tones vs Canon Skin Tones Difference

While these two files are not exactly the same. Once I’ve done these adjustments the Sony file still isn’t bad there. It’s definitely workable with if you wanted to shoot portraits on the a7.


I showed you earlier the tint is easily adjustable for anyone who has a different style or taste. I personally really love that kind of pink tint that comes out of certain Tirol fritters.

But I can always easily change that in Lightroom afterward if I change my mind. I really hope you guys enjoyed today’s article. I really love what the skin turns to look like straight out of the camera.

After reading the article, I hope u understand the difference between Sony Skin Tones VS Canon Skin Tones.

Have a Good Day.

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FAQ’s On Sony Skin Tones VS Canon Skin Tones

Below are the couple of queries that everyone is expecting to answer and I did include the same for my readers.

Is Canon better than Sony?

It depends on your needs. If you looking for a better battery life then the canon camera is better than sony. Or you looking for better skin tones then in this situation it does not matter so much.

What are Sony Picture Profiles?

By victimization these presets, you’ll be able to match the image texture with different kinds of cameras equipped with the [Picture Profile] operate, or produce a picture texture that’s the same as that of medium film. image Profile adjusts colors and therefore the vividness of the image throughout the recording.

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