Sony A7R IV review: 61 megapixels of pure power

now that sony finally has some competition it isn’t slowing down on camera development the alfa a7 are for its latest full-frame mirrorless camera has a 61-megapixel sensor that’s a huge 31 percent jump over its predecessor that makes it the highest resolution full-frame mirrorless

the camera you can buy by a long way it’s not just about the megapixels though the a7 r4 lets you shoot at 10 frames per second with continuous autofocus and auto exposure and enabled which is incredible for a camera with that kind of resolution it also delivers 14 stops of dynamic range unless you

shoot 4k video at 30 frames per second and 1080p at up to 120 frames per second finally it has all of Sonys latest ai smarts including the canny eye face and animal detect autofocus first introduced on the 6400 suspects wise its a monster now I’m gonna take it out into the seventh arrondissement parts and see if it delivers in the real world [music] at first glance the a7r

looks similar to the last model but there are some important differences sony addressed a common a 7r3 complaint by making the grip bigger there’s still not much room between the lens and handle compared to Panasonic’s big s 1r but you’re less likely to drop it even with those changes its only 10 grams heavier than the last model at 665 grams in comparison the s 1r

weighs over 2 pounds the a7 r4 has an updated 5 axis in-body stabilization system with up to 5.5 stops of shake control you can shoot handheld down to a 15th of a second competitors Nikon and canon have brought out similarly lightweight mirrorless cameras but canon cs are still acted in-body stabilization the control layout hasn’t changed much but sony has improved

a few things the buttons are bigger the power switch firmer and the mode dial and joystick grippier overall i found the a7 r4 easy to handle though folks with large hands might find it a bit cramped the 5.7 6 000 000 OLED electronic viewfinder is a big improvement over the last model its clear and has a fast 120 frames per second refresh rate with minimal lag so

DSLR users wont miss their optical viewfinders the rear display is touch-enabled but the only thing you could really do with it is select focus thankfully that function is more responsive than it was on the a7 r3 its also not a camera for vloggers as the display doesn’t flip around speaking of that sonys menu system is still not friendly-like at all your best bet is to set up the

a7r force controls as you like then stay the heck out of the menus as for storage you get to high-speed sd uhs 2 card slots which i think is ideal for most photographers it has the same big battery as the last model and can deliver a stellar 670 shots and 170 minutes of continuous video recording on a charge i found it easily met those specs in real life well its

definitely not aimed at sports shooters the a7 r4 can shoot bursts up to 10 frames per second youll want to have a fast uhs 2 card though and when i shot uncompressed raw files up to 120 megabytes large speeds dropped to around 7 frames per second shooting compress raw and jpa that a seven r

4 could sustain 10 frames per second for a surprisingly long time though it could take up to 15 seconds for the buffer to clear with a flick of a menu setting you could transform the a7 r4 into a 26-megapixel aps-c camera with a 1.5 x crop factor in that mode i could capture 10 frames per second bursts

for much longer making it more useful as an action camera the crop mode also brings you closer to the action turning a 200 millimeter lens into a 300 millimeter lens to top it off the resolution is an added bonus for things like wildlife photography as you can crop in a lot while retaining detail none of that speed is of use without a good autofocus system and that’s where sony is

so far ahead of rivals the a7r 4 now has 567 face attack af points compared to 425 on the a7 r3 and sony has vastly improved the speed and accuracy of his ai powered eye and face detection it rarely let me down while shooting horse jumping in continuous af with a 70 to 200 millimeter zoom it locked onto the riders face and eyes or track their body on wider shots i had to

time my shooting bursts well knowing that the buffer would fill quickly and take a few seconds to reset still considering the a7 r4 s resolution its ability to focus on fast-moving subjects is astounding you shouldn’t buy the a7 r4 if your primary concern is video but for casual shooting it does well to maximize bouquet and low-light capability you can shoot a full-frame with

some line-skipping if you’re ok with a crop itll downsample the entire aps-c area of the sensor to a crisp e 4k you can capture in that mode at up to 30 frames per second or shoot full HD at 120 frames per second when shooting log 3 mode sony claims you can get 14 stops of dynamic range beating out cameras like black magic spark at 6k the main drawback here is the low bit

rate and lower color depth especially compared to the pocket 6k all of the autofocus features I liked in photo mode as I face and animal tracking also apply to video sony has gradually improved its face detect video autofocus so its better than any rivals except for canon when you’re using phase tracking though it beats everyone finally lets talk about the core strength of this camera image quality of course detail is incredible

and the way the sensor handles fine highlights is beyond anything I’ve ever seen i was pleased with a natural color rendition of jpegs right out of the camera especially the lifelike skin tones dynamic range meanwhile gives you tons of shadow on highlight detail if you under or overexpose a shot in raw mode you’ll be able to recover details with well-controlled noise levels the a7r does surprisingly well in low-light considering the

high resolution at speeds of up to iso 6400 you can use shots straight out of the camera you’ll see a fair amount of noise beyond that but thanks to the high resolution you can shrink it down when you deliver your final shots in web or print I expected the a7 r4 to be a class-leading high-resolution camera and that’s exactly what it is image quality is second to none when

you need maximum detail what really surprised me was how versatile it is the a7 r4 is no sports camera but has surprisingly quick burst bs for such a high-resolution camera and the autofocus will never let you down it also works just fine for the occasional 4k video shoot at $3500 the a7 r4 is vying

against icons $3 000 d7 and the $3 700 Panasonic s1r it beats those cameras in most areas particularly resolution on autofocus though the z7 is a better choice for video sony itself is also overdue to release an a7 s3 video centric model all told the a7 r4 is in a class

by itself when it comes to high-resolution full-frame mirrorless cameras if that’s what you’re looking for and if you can afford it i wouldn’t hesitate for a second

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