Nikon Z6 AutoFocus: Better than you think!

okay so you guys I’m back at my local camera store glazers in Seattle okay soi was here last week what my buddy stan and I did an autofocus video autofocus and test and eye autofocus test was this sigma 135 f 1.8 adapted lens and so the purpose of the video the purpose of the test was to test the Nikon ability the Nikon z6 abilities test out the autofocusing features.

with the adaptivesigma lens, a lot of you guys took it as an indictment on Nikon video autofocus and overall and really the purpose of the video was to test and adapted sigma lens to see how well sigma lenses would work with video autofocusing and instead of but a lot of you guys took it as although.

the camera sucks overall and you guys kind of missed the point is that it was an adapted Sigma lens but you know sigma lenses are known for not being the best they don’t work as well as native lenses that are documented we know that and the 85 millimeters 1.4the sony and Zeiss lenses just do a better job tracking and keeping amoving subject in focus so here’s another test .

nikon z6 eye autofocus

with the sigma art 20millimeter at f 2.8 and its doing a slightly better job but still lost focus a few times one thing I did notice that was a little bit of a problem with the sigma if you have a look at this clip what I’m doing is pressing af on and then letting go recomposing and pressing it again and this is from very close focus to distance and it kind of legs and stutters a .

little bits I came back here again to try to redeem my Nikon z6 this time I’m using a native lens and then were going to see how well the focusing works for the native s mountains so I got the 50 i got the 50 millimeter s lenson the Nikon z 6 and I think I might try out the 105mm f1.4 as well for like a little .

a bit more shallow depth-of-field look, so I’m gonna, do some video focusing test with a more native option instead of a third-party also yall aren’t gonna mean jump-cut so were not gonna act like I’m not gonna cut off some stuff its gonna be straight up straight pure video so you guys can see from .

beginning to end how are the lens performs oh yeah and just enjoy the show you read video autofocus test on the Nikon z6 okay so come this way stop ok back up a little bit right there if you turn around and walk back towards that perfect okay come back this way stop right there back up a little bit okay stop duck down out of framework pop back up oh wow and I’m not .

autofocus performance

touching anything either okay I found you come this way all right you come this way okay gonna come close to you okay I am at f 1.8 with the 50mm millimeter okay hold that goes behind this three-legged thing sign perfect stop okay go back around stay there let me come around this way not .

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touching anything haven’t had to adjust the focusing yet up we go I’m gonna come bring that here hold that back up a little bit go that way, yeah oh look at this okay come around me circle dance of life stop right there okay pause okay now walk away okay now walk back this way okay thank you very .

much okay so now I’m testing a face tracking face autofocus now with the face tracking autofocus I doubt it’ll do much better than with the sigma did because face tracking like i said with the eyes but we’re gonna check it and seeso stand right there okay so I’m gonna take some shots its on auto iso im on auto white balance okay hold that find your face turn your face towards .

autofocus update

me a little more this way this waychin this way. yeah, perfect hold that one to stay there. getting closer stay there getting closer.stay there getting closer.stay there getting closer.okay, that’s as close as it can get. ok hold that now hold switch to the af-okay yeah get close and put the focus point on eye just in case that easy okaysweet thanks a lotokay so now im testing .

the nikon 105 f 1.4 on the z6 i am at f1.4the white balance is on auto before it was on natural light auto and that we saidbefore it was there so now im here right so subject right there its onface tracking no jump cuts or anything auto iso so take that tony northrop hahaauto iso face tracking auto white balance and were gonna see what it does okayhold that im going to.

hit recordokay so back up actually know what lean against theactually know what lean against the counteryeah perfect and then turn your body this way to the side boom perfecthold that bring the arms up and act like yourelooking the other way now look this way again look towards meokay now walk this waystop stop pull too much too much whoo look at that .

nikon z6 autofocus issues

bokeh back up a little bitstop right there okay just sit aside leave that to the side okay duck downjump back upokay it caught her face.took a little bit longer that time duck down againokay nicest move not super fast like the sigma did come back up okay square is thereok is it going to slowly catch her in focusis it going to do better is it gonna do ohhhh itgot it and i didnt .

touch it wow come up closer come up stop rightthere boom okay hold thatnice cool alrightyeaahh no it wont leave thebackground you touch the focus there we go got you back i cooljust walk up into like walk this way into the glazersokay now walk this wayokay so you guys im here with brad were at glazers again before we closeouti just wanna let you guys know .

autofocus guide

brad just ordered the olympus em1x yeah anyway sobrad is an olympus micro 4/3 shooter so i just want you guys know that theolympus shooters are alive and well okay micro four thirds is not going anywhereanytime soon okay you got another olympus okay right there boom okay sowere out.

here panasonic g85 olympus and another all right i justwant to let i just want to put that out there these people they live in a bubble andthey take like oh its only sony and canon. like yeah you got an expose them real life.

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