Canon 90D is Coming! Should You Upgrade?

this camera are very interesting and we can dive straight into this video. And so what we’re seeing here, especially with this new Canon camera is the potential inclusion of 4K video, right? And recently the Canon G7 X, you can see it there 4K, 30, 20, and 25P, plus full HD in slow-motion in that lower right hand corner, right? And historically though, as Canon has been putting 4K into cameras, they have been, hey what’s up everybody?

Welcome back to the live. We had a little technical difficulties before,. but we’re back in it. Billy, Alex, Aaron what up? Hit the Like button so we can get this shared out and hopefully, it’s working. And so the question is, is it gonna be cropped like it is on the EOS R? Is it gonna be cropped in like it is on some of these other cameras and that Canons been putting out?

But what’s interesting is they just released the Canon G7 X Mark III and the 4K on it actually is beautiful. It’s no crop at all. It’s like kind of a full-sensor readout. It has a 10 minute record limit and it also has overheating problems. That’s the G7 X Mark III. So that has me pretty optimistic that on the new Canon 90D. Now when it comes out, I think that they might surprise us with what’s possible with the 4K, but let’s go through a list of the specs, and let me know if you have any questions if you’re here live.

canon 90d 2019

And so, the new camera is just drop it, you can see it here a linked promo video reveals major specs of the upcoming Canon 90D and the M6. And it should be being announced very soon, probably within the next couple of weeks. We don’t know prices yet, but we should be seeing those very soon. And here’s a couple things that you get. This website is actually a little bit wrong, but you’ve got a, here we go, you’ve got a 32 megapixel new sensor.

APS-C sensor. 32.5 megapixels and that is the largest sensor, megapixel-wise of any APS-C camera in history. And the M6, this is the Mark I is also, it looks like it’s gonna have that same sensor. You’ve got a brand new processor in there as well, and so everything should be faster from the touch screen to the fact that everything should load faster. And using this, the G7 Mark III already, it is a snappy camera with the processing power, but let’s keep going. And so you’ve got the new processor. You’ve got eye detection.

Now, I’ve heard some things that may or may not be great, but i think that is a very cool feature, and it may only really exist in photo mode. We’re not really sure if eye detection will be in video mode. You can do up to 10 frames a second in photography, so that’s a great improvement there. You’ve got an optical viewfinder, right? And so that’s a big difference with DSLRs in general. Mirrorless cameras can’t have optical viewfinders.

canon 90d specifications

They have like digital viewfinders that are reproducing the image digitally, where in this case, a single lens reflex is the fact that the image goes into the camera to a mirror, and it comes up to your actual viewfinder so you’re seeing what you’re seeing, and able to take pictures. That’s one of the major differences, of course, of a DSLR.

You’ve got these 45 cross-point autofocus points. Now it’s something to note that some people think, well, this only has 45 autofocus points and the Sony has like 400, but that’s a little bit confusing because with dual pixel autofocus, you’re actually, I don’t fully understand it, but all the pixels in the 32 megapixels can work together, not quite to the edge of it,

but to find two pixels focus fast, like if you’ve got me here and the mic here, and you tap where it is, it goes fast to the mic, so all that to say is the autofocus should be amazing, and hopefully, it has dual pixel autofocus in 4K. And the general autofocus in the zone points, and the ability to touch the screen, and all of that kind of stuff is massive.

90d review

If you’ve used the 80D before, it was just a solid camera to be able to select certain areas when you’re shooting, tap the screen if you’ve used a Canon 70D or an 80D. But even as you see here, it’s pretty cool looking with how you sort of see this tracking as she’s walking forward with the horse. And again, hoping that it really follows.

I’m sure in 1080p, it’s gonna just be fire, you know, tracking, but if we see all that features in 4K, that will be absolutely amazing. You’ve got again, the huge sensor and that means that if you’re going to blow up your photos, or you just wanna have massive details in your photos for cropping in, I think that’s a pretty cool thing on an APS-C sensor camera.

You’ve got the new processor so everything should be snappy and fast, and there it is, telling us all about the Dual Pixel CMOS AF with the eye detection and the 4K. And who knows if that’s a real example, but if the 4K is great, it should be absolutely amazing. And there was a little call-out to dust and water resistant.

90d release date and price

You know, I think it’s one thing to note about the Canon 80D and what’s cool about the 90D is versus say the Canon M50. Plastic camera, love it, but not really meant to like take into the jungle with you, you know, as much for like really hammering, putting work on it. Or you got the the Sony a6400.

Solid camera, but you know, not really like a weatherproof camera, and it doesn’t quite have the rubber kind of durability that we should expect in the 90D, so that’s one of those features having kind of a weather sealed rugged construction. Even versus the new M6 that’s gonna come out is again, not gonna be as weatherproof durable kind of build as what we could expect in the 90D.

Some kind of a new battery grip that they’re putting out there, and that’s cool if you don’t wanna pop the two batteries in there. You get that extra shutter button. Of course, the ability to transfer data to smart devices, that’s been around though. We’ve had that so, very cool it’s probably a little bit faster. And so, the Canon EOS 90D, it’s dropping. I think we should see a full announcement and probably is gonna be available for pre-order within days.

So I’d love to hear from you in the comments, what do you think about the 90D so far? Fitness lover Brian, good to see you. Nancy, good to see you. And I wrote down a few things that I wanna kind of talk about, but one other thing to note here, as of course there’s a lot of criticism about how Canon typically cripples their cameras to get full 4K on like a full-frame sensor.

canon 90d release date and price

You gotta spend like tens of thousands on like their full-cinema camera. And as it comes down to even the EOS R or the EOS RP, it’s usually cropping in and there’s different sampling. Some people are saying the way they read the specs of the the new 90D, they think it’s just gonna be up sampled 1080.

I think that’s gonna be true. We’re gonna have to wait to see once people get their hands on them and do tests. And again, because of what I’ve seen in the 5D or the new G7 X Mark III, I’m optimistic that Canon will put proper 4K in there, and because it’ll be a bigger body, I don’t think, you know, hopefully doesn’t have overheating issues.

And so let’s talk about it. Now, one thing before we get into that. There’s another thing too that Canon mentioned recently. They said they’re gonna be joining the specs war, and so the fact of the matter is camera companies like Sony have been absolutely far and ahead of Canon, especially in terms of price point.

They’re giving some of their best features in more affordable bodies like the Sony a6400 at $900 for just the body. You’re getting just incredible features in there that you might find in Canon, but you have to spend so much more to get them, and as the camera models that are lower down for Canon, they’re less often times crippled and they hold back features. But what’s interesting is reading some of these articles, Canon mentioned they’re gonna be joining this,

the specs war and even specifically, the new Sony camera that’s got a massive 61 megapixel full-frame camera, they said and I quote that “Canon will return to the top of the megapixel count “for full-frame sensors.” They said that “Their technology,” right here, “has caught up to Sony. “They have new sensor technology,” but they haven’t really elaborated on that. Canon is ready to jump back into the spec war with guns blazing. Now, that might

not be in the 90D. It could be though, with the crispy 4K and they deliver like the real value there once we see it, but it’s definitely, you can see Canon going in, and I think they’re gonna be adding IBIS, and a few, you know, in-body image stabilization, which everybody wants, as well to some future cameras. So I think that even though, it’s like Sony’s kind of had this lead, that maybe Canon’s trajectory is gonna try to catch up soon. That’s sort of

canon 90d dynamic range

the feeling that I’m getting. So, let me know if you have any questions and let me know if you are planning on upgrading your camera this year. Hit me up in the comments section below. A few, let me talk about the specs really quick, do a few thoughts I have, and then we will be done. And then also really quick, if you are actually curious too. I’m curious if you’re

planning on upgrading your camera. If you actually wanna just know my best recommendations and with Omar on the team, and Nolan, and Heather, the cameras we’re testing, the cameras we love the most right now, we actually have like a video tutorial and our new “Think Gear Guide” out where we’ve just list out our favorite gear. Right now my two top picks for YouTube are still the Canon M50. C’mon, who’s with me? Smash Like for the M50. I think it’s one of the best value propositions. You got the flip screen to the side. Or the Sony a6400. If you’re asking me about the best camera for

YouTube and kind of the best value out there, we’ve got a video out where we put those two head-to-head, and I think that both are so incredible, a good choice to this day. And what excites me about new cameras hitting the market is that these great cameras will potentially have the price driven down, or maybe some people will sell theirs on eBay, or Craigslist, or you know wherever, and you can potentially get a deal on some great cameras like the M50 or like the a6400. And so hit me up in the comments. Let me

know what camera you’re using right now. Are you planning on upgrading? Ad if you want to know all of my best camera recommendations, you can grab our “Think Gear Guide.” There’s a link in the description or just go to But, let’s talk about the specs really quick, and I think some of the pros and cons of this new camera. First of all, a lot of haters man, a lot of Canon haters, and I get it, but I think one of the first things is

gonna be the headphone jack. The Canon 80D has a headphone jack. One of the reasons why the Canon 80D is such a favorite camera of video creators is because it’s kind of got almost everything video creators have needed. And I know people are so critical, but this has been a workout of course, man. People are making money. They’re building their business. They’re shooting promo videos, and commercial videos, and vlogs, and content with

80Ds for the last few years. Someone from the Think Media, I just saw in the comments just bought an 80D. I wouldn’t feel bad about that, like it’s a great camera, right? It’s really solid so you’re gonna have updated processor. Hopefully, updated great features of 4K, and slow motion, whatever. And so, headphone jack. The M6 which is the other new camera that Sony announced as a mirrorless camera, that doesn’t have, it’s probably not gonna have a headphone jack. This video dropped as well. It’s basically, kind of the 90D in a mirrorless package, based you know pretty

battery for canon 90d

much the same settings. It can shoot more frames per second because it’s mirrorless. Bt that’s gonna be a big difference. It’s not gonna have that same weatherproofing that the 90D has, and it’s probably not gonna have a headphone jack. Secondly, lens selection. If there’s maybe any reason why you should get the Canon 90D, if you are thinking about upgrading, is if you’re committed to Canon lenses. I mean, Canon lenses are not, you may

already have a lot, they’re in abundance. If people are moving from Canon or changing whatever they’re doing, they’re so available. They’re available secondhand, used, refurbished. There’s so much different glass. And one of the problems you run into with like the Canon mirrorless line, very limited lenses for like the M50, and the M6, same thing, same mount, and of course, you can use an adapter, but then it bulks it up and makes it a little bit bigger . You go straight to the 90D with the EF mount and you got all of Canon’s

lenses. So if you’re already committed to Canon’s, one thing that’s excited me, I’ve been a Canon shooter for so many years that I still have all these Canon lenses, and I’m like praying for the future that it’s like, “No, Canon’s gonna be in this spec war, man.” And I think we could see some major moves happening in the industry, so we’ll see, lens selection. Next one’s flip screen. There’s something about the flip to the side, greatest flip screens in

the game, greatest touchscreen in the game, most user-friendly enjoyable camera experience in the game period. I’ve been testing out the new Sony RX100, so many camera model names, RX100 VII, and it kinda has touchscreen, but navigating the menus, you may get faster at it, but it’s just nothing like Canon. And so, the flip screen for the vlog, for the ability to just put the camera on top, you don’t need any like weird relocation plates like I have to do this on the Sony because the screen’s in the way. If you get the

new M6 Mark II, you can’t put a mic up there. There’s also gonna be like an optional optical viewfinder thing or digital whatever. And then, you know, you gotta move that out of the way for the flip screen. So, I think that the flip screen to the side, and the practicality and usability headphone jack is definitely something to look at. And then, of course, weather proofing. You know, maybe that’s if you plan on shooting and really, if you plan on just

using your camera inside, and never taking it outside, none of that stuff matters, but if you plan on like you’re running a video production company, and you’re gonna like be hammering on the camera, then that weatherproofing and build quality could matter. Now, really quick before we get to a few cons would be what are what are the benefits of even a

DSLR? Like, why even get a DSLR in the world of mirrorless cameras? Well, a couple reasons. One, optical viewfinders. That is one thing that DSLRs have if you want that, right? And wanna be able to be to really look at whatever you’re looking at actually, and not a reproduction through digital. Also, battery life. You know, the Canon battery life is often times been

superior to Sony. But, you’ve just got a bigger form factor generally, and so, battery life in a DSLR. The form factor itself, mirrorless advantage is that they’re much smaller, like much leaner bodies, but maybe a lot of photographers, a lot of videographers like to have more kind of in their hand. There’s actually nothing that quite feels like this feels. Like, this is

actually how I envisioned. I mean, it’s what I grew up with, you know, just this Canon bodies, my first DSLR when I started my company back in 2009 was a Canon 7D, and you just love it, just shooting, and everything you could do with that. So, you might want it smaller and lighter as a mirrorless camera, but if you want the bigger build quality, you’ve got that, and then

the other benefits are the unlimited lenses. It’s nonstop and reactivating old lenses. Now, the questions, and I feel like the kind of make or break if you need these features, and that’s the question to ask yourself if you’re planning on upgrading, what features do I really need? I think for most of us, why would we even need to upgrade? A lot of people still aren’t even

shooting 4K. And if you don’t actually need new features, you can just keep rocking the camera you have or invest in something that’s like the M50 or something a little bit even older ’cause it has all the features you need. So my big questions are for the 90D, will dual pixel autofocus work in 4K? Will it be cropped or will it be like no crop at all, which would be amazing. Will

it have slow motion? It has 120 frame slow motion, which is 4X slow motion in 30 frames when editing. And the G7 X Mark III has that, but there’s no autofocus. It’s kinda hard to use and it overheats. In the 90D, we might see that there is autofocus, and it doesn’t overheat, and it could be absolutely amazing. In the Sony, you’ve got it all, by the way. You’ve got slow motion.

Canon doesn’t allow sound with slow motion on the G7 X Mark III slow-mo, but here you can choose up to 60 megabytes a second or a hundred megabytes. Basically, if you want all the guaranteed pro features, even right now, the a6400, and that’s why Omar and I, you know, have really decided, it’s in our opinion, still it’s the a6400, or the M50 just for the value

proposition, and M50 if you just wanna create YouTube content, and a6400 if you wanna really shoot some 4K that you know is gonna be amazing, and not compromised in any way, and slow motion, that’s also gonna be amazing. But you may not need that. And I think we can sometimes get so into specs that we, you know, we just get hyped up, but we may or may not use them, right? And so, let me know your questions, and of course, the questions of the day, are you planning on upgrading your camera this year, and what features are important to you right now?

If you’re getting value out of this video, smash the Like button and then let me just see what some of your questions are. Hey, thanks so much for the Super Chat, Brian. Maybe I missed it, but the 90D is keeping 24 frames a second. So, they may, that’ll be crazy if they removed it.

I know they’ve been removing 24 frames from cameras. Brian, that would be a deal-breaker. I don’t think they’re gonna do that, man. I mean, because it is more of a filmmaker’s, at least the 80D was, more of a filmmaker’s camera, and filmmakers and those that want that cinematic look, of course, want 24P, but let me know. And on the flip side,

I think that Canon’s also, they’re just being weird by by removing potentially 24P. I could see maybe outrage around that and they could always add it back with firmware. But, you know, as as the era advances, if it’s just directed at YouTubers and your average content creator, again, it’s what do you need? I wonder if Canon is saying, “Hey, YouTubers. “I know you just

kind of want it simple. “You wanna be able to touch your face, “and plug in headphones to get good audio, “and just shoot 30 frames or 60 frames a second, “and so here you go.” And you’d be okay without it. Like for example, I’m not really shooting cinematic 24.

We just shoot everything in 30 so it’s kind of standard across the board for all of our archival, for the kind of stuff we do. So, that would bother me, but I could live without it. Again, I’m a big a6400 guy if you want the features and that’s why we’re recommending that. So anyways, thank you Brian for the Super Chat. 65 Drums, thanks for the Super Chat.

“I’m really surprised that Canon is still betting on DSLRs. “I thought they were going full-on mirrorless “when they came out with the EOS RP and M50.” Agree. I think that maybe this could be one of the last DSLRs that we see. You know, they are gonna release the 1D X Mark II, I think before the Olympics. That’s stated and that could probably be a remarkable camera. That might be the one that has more megapixels than the Sony R4,

so they’re in the specs war as they said, right? We could see that that’s potentially what happens and what they were sort of saying. But, I agree. It would seem to me that their full-frame mirrorless line they’re most committed to, what has me kind of confused is their M50 mirrorless line.

And for those that are M50 owners and that even still would wanna get an M50, I would say this. It’s amazing. It’s such a great value proposition, but it appears like they may not make lenses for it anymore. So the lens selection is a little limited and if there’s not new lenses coming to that line, it’s like what’s gonna happen there? So you’re right,

but then again, I think it’s also important for us to have a global perspective. And man, we’re so niche here. Like, all our little internet community that like, you know, is geeking out on specs and stuff, but like the amount of cameras sold globally, the amount of people I run into that are, been shooting on 80Ds like yesterday, like I was just in Dallas for Video Marketing World, I got up at 2:00 a.m. Vegas time to fly, to be here for this livestream for you. Yeah, anyway, but you know so we could hang out, and that’s why I’m delirious. And so, you know, I was meeting people still have 80Ds, and so I think DSLRs still are relevant, and the body of lenses is pretty massive. But, I agree. It seems like things are shifting towards mirrorless,

so that is super fascinating. Thanks again for the Super Chat. If there’s any other questions or thoughts, throw a question mark on there. “How is this stream so clear?” I’ll put a link to, if you also actually, if you wanna check out our gear guide as I mentioned, and you can also, there’s a link in the description just to our setup, but I talk about all my favorite kits in here, which just as an overview, this live streaming setup is pretty fancy.

I talk about like a much more budget one. It’s kind of a crazy gear. M50, still one my favorite cameras for YouTube right now. a6400 if you want more pro specs. One of my favorite cameras right now. And we talk also about smartphone accessories. And so, that’s at or there’s a link somewhere down in the description about everything in this live stream setup.

I’ll take two more questions. Smash Like if you’re getting value. “I’m currently shooting on a 5D IV. “Should I get the RX100 Mark VII “or the G7 X Mark III to complement my 5D?” Well, I think that it depends on what you actually want it to accomplish.

You know, the 5D IV has kind of that massive MJPEG 4K, so I assume you’re shooting in 1080. If that’s the case, the G7 X Mark III would complement it really well ’cause the G7 X Mark III, we love it here if you want 1080. Omar just did a bunch of videos with it. Vertical, 1080, Canon’s color is beautiful. You know, it’s user friendly. It’s just the 4K that they’re crippling.

And if you really know that you’re shooting everything in 1080, even for the price point, just another flute guy, I think the Mark III would complement the 5D the most. The RX100 Mark VII, I’ve been shooting with it, I love it, but at $1200, it’s ridiculous. You’re welcome, first 1000 hours, appreciate the Super Chat. And yeah, so hey, smash Like if you got value out of this video.

Price in the 90D, we’re not sure. That’s gonna be a big question because if it’s a little more affordable, then maybe it’s a little more relevant. If they raise the price a little bit higher, I hope that the features are there to support that higher price. There’s no question about it. A lot of us have so much love in our hearts for Canon and there’s so many great things about ’em. I just hope that we see a convergence of specs and value catching up to brands like Sony.

And I also again, it sounds crazy, but just for like maybe a faster processor, and the better autofocus, and the new sensor, and the more megapixels, a lot of people, again globally, like a lot of people just shooting 1080 still, right? And maybe the 60 frames a second and the 120, maybe it’s all amazing, and you just can go make some incredible films and videos in 1080, so we’ll see, right? And, “How do I get 4K on the Mark III?

” You just go into your settings and you can turn that on. There’s a 10 minute record limit. There is a few overheating issues, but I have been testing it out a lot, and you can get plenty of clips. You could shoot a whole vlog in 4K. You can make the slow motion work. We do have a video on the new Nikon mirrorless, the Z series, whatever, so I’ll link that up on the YouTube card. And Barthotuber, link in the description to my Livestream set up for ya. OutDoorzFam,

“What are your honest thoughts “on daily vlog for a couple?” That question will be for another day, but I appreciate it. So if you want some of my YouTube tips, make sure you’re subscribed here on Think Media and we have plenty of YouTube tips, social media, how to grow your brand faster, as well as the tools you need to build your influence, but the thought of the day and the questions of the day are, are you planning on upgrading your camera this year? You may not need to or maybe you’re in the market for a camera.

I would definitely wait for all the full details of the 90D. I think that one of the biggest battles is gonna be the 90D versus the a6400. And if we don’t really see the cripple, and we do see that the 4K is proper, that this could be the showdown. And I think that this holiday season, this could very much be the showdown: 90D versus Sony a6400.

Neither one of them is gonna have IBIS. We know that for sure, in-body image stabilization. But for everybody that thinks that is the Holy Grail, remember, people have been creating life-changing content, building million subscriber vlogs, changing, you know, impacting massive people without IBIS for years. You can have stabilization in your lenses.

There’s other ways around it. But yeah, Richard, it’s gonna have 90D and the 90D will have 4K so check out the replay on that to see all the details. Chris, I’ve got a full tutorial. Search up SL2 Vlog. Type in Think Media Canon SL2 Vlog and I got a video about my favorite settings for the Canon SL2 for ya. And, “Is the 90D better than the M50?”

It probably will be and it will also probably be almost $1000 more expensive. You could probably get an M50 right now, body for 500, kit lens with it for 600. That might be a little cheaper, but maybe like open box, or whatever, you could grab that. I’m guessing the 90D is gonna come in around 1499. It could be maybe 13 to 16 or $1700.

You know, headphone jack, and again, this is gonna be a professional camera, weatherproof, kind of mid prosumer professional to go create content. M50 is pretty professional too, but definitely, the kind of the ultimate vlogging YouTube form factor great camera. I’ll tell you what I’m excited about. M50 Mark II Canon, I don’t know if that’s coming out. And then by the way, stay tuned because Sony’s gonna be dropping,

it looks like the a6700, and that could just blow all of the whole game up. You know, who knows what’s happening? So a lot of stuff happening in the camera world lately. Keep it locked here. Make sure you hit the Subscribe button. Ring the bell so you don’t miss any Think Media videos. We’ll try to keep you in the know as much as possible and smash Like if you’re getting value,

and then if you wanna check out any of the other videos here on Think Media, just click or tap the screen right there for some of the other videos. Thanks for checking out this video. Let me know in the comments section if you’re planning on upgrading and what you think about the new Canon 90D,

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