4 Camera lens Hacks Under 240 Second

Camera lens Hacks::-Welcome to Creative Tuesday, where we think outside of the box and bring you some creative filmmaking tips. And today we’re about to hack our camera lens! Today we are the talk 5 Camera lens Hacks Under 4 Minutes.

Hey folks, my name is Jordy and we’re kicking off the first lens hack with some small pieces of tape.

Camera Lens Hack Number One

Stick one on your focus ring, then get your subject into focus and tape a second piece to your lens body, but make sure that it aligns with the other tape. You can then focus on a different area and tape another piece to your body.

Camera Lens Hack Number One
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens

These focus marks will now help to rack focus from one subject to another. If you like to have something more flexible, then crack a toothpick in two and tighten them with a rubber band around your lens body. On your focus gear, you leave a small piece of tape.

crack a toothpick Camera lens Hacks
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens

You can now quickly move the toothpicks to a different spot and use it as a focus mark. This goes a lot faster than having to tape your focus marks each time.

Camera Lens Hack Number Two

We’ve all seen the DIY lens hood trick before. You cut a carton cup in two and put it on your lens. This will eliminate some of those light flares in your shot. But we can take it a step further.

Camera lens Hacks
cut a carton cup

First of all, start with taping it to the top of your lens. When you don’t wanna use your lens hood, you can pull it up and fix it in place with a clothespin. A nice touch, but not really impressive, So, let’s turn that lens hood into a matte box.

Camera lens Hacks
lens hood into a matte box

Take a knife and cut a slit into that cup. Next, pop one glass out of your sunglasses and clamp that clothespin to it. You can now slide that sunglass into the cup, which gives you an ND filter.

When shooting outside, this helps you to film with an open aperture, getting a shallower depth of field. We’ve got three more lens hacks coming, wait.

sunglass hack Camera lens Hacks
sunglass hack Difference

Lens Hack Number Three

Now let’s move on with the third lens hack! Order a pie and eat it, so that you’re left with a transparent plastic box. Cut out circles from it, that will fit within your lens. With a marker, you can then write on it with different colors.

Camera lens Hacks
colorful lens

This will create a nice colored blur or lens flare. Now, all those colors are fun, but what if it’s raining outside?-Jordy, don’t be silly. The sun is shining, it’s 22°, Jordy! Well, Yannick, I’m preparing for the rain to come.

Camera lens Hacks
glass cutting

So, take a plastic jar that is big enough to cut off the bottom, like you’re seeing right here. Next, take a plastic bag and cut a small circle on the side.
In this opening, you wanna tape that half plastic jar in, but make sure it’s completely sealed so that no water can enter.

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Camera lens Hacks
raincoat Camera lens Hacks

This allows you to mount your camera in that plastic bag, but you’re still able to reach it through the bottom. And there’s your camera raincoat! -This works perfect, Hahaha!-My shoes are getting wet! And that brings us to the last lenLens Hack Number Four

With a small flashlight or your smartphone’s LED light, you can shine into your lens creating awesome lens flares. However, you can’t use both hands anymore. So, what you can do is tighten your smartphone with a rubber band around your lens.

Flashlight camera lens effect
Flashlight camera lens effect

You can now run around, change your focus, while still having that dreamy, nostalgic lens flare. And those were the five lens hacks. Thank you so much for watching, thank you Storyblocks for the support.

And like always. Stay creative! And let me know how you feel rad the Camera lens Hacks article . And leave a comment.

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