#1 Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras


Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras: Everyone loves to use a mirrorless Camera, But there is a common question Which lens is best. Here I am going to give a full overview of that. Here we’ve been using the Canon M100, the Canon M6 and now the Canon M50.

So in this article, I’m going to be covering my favorite lenses for every budget plus, some cool accessories.

It’s been cool to see, lately, how Canon has been building up their mirrorless camera line especially with the release of the Canon M50. Now, this has been one of our favorite cameras here at think media.

Because it’s small, it’s portable, it produces great photos, shoots great videos. But one of the downsides to Canons the mirrorless line is lens selection. Read the whole article, it helps you to find out Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras.

  • Canon 22 millimeter F2 Lens
  • Canon EF-m 11-22mm Lens
  • Rokinon 12mm F2.0 Lens
Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras

Now, there have been rumors about them adding more lenses and I think that we can definitely expect that. Especially, with not just the popularity of the Canon M line but also mirrorless cameras overall.

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Every brand is really embracing the mirrorless technology. So at this time, what are some of the best lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras?

Well, the first one for me is the Canon kit lens that comes with the camera.

Now there are actually two options. There’s an 18mm to 55mm. For me, I prefer 15mm to 45mm. The reason is, it’s a little bit wider so as a YouTube creator, as someone who wants to be potentially using the camera in selfie mode.

Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras Canon M50

If you’re going to go with one of the kit lenses I would definitely go with the 15mm to 45mm. Now, this is oftentimes included with the camera. In fact, at the time of shooting video, you can pick up the Canon M50 with the kit lens for right around 649$ dollars.

Canon M50 photography

Now the body, is I think, right around 609$ dollars. So the lens is coming in for about 75$ dollars. That usually retails for 300$ dollars.

But I would say if you ever wanted to pick up a 15mm to 45mm, you can probably find it used in the Amazon section for right around 100$ dollars.

Because it is probably been removed from a kit and sometimes people like to put down kit lenses. But the photos we’ve taken with it, the video clips, they look great. Best Lenses for Canon I think the weakness is the aperture.

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You know, it starts at 3.5 which is not too bad but once you zoom in all the way it’s at 6.3. That’s getting pretty dark. The pro this lens though, is that it’s IS and STM.

Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras Canon M50

So that means it has image stabilization built into the lens And STM is a stepper motor, that really pairs well with the dual pixel autofocus for smooth focusing.

And so if you just throw the kit lens on the camera, whether you want to shoot some YouTube videos, decent for photography. It’s a great lens to get started with.

And if you don’t have that for your kit yet, consider buying one that’s just like an open box, refurbished. Or something like that. Because they’re pretty affordable..

Canon 22 millimeter F2 Lens

The second Canon lens that I absolutely love, is the Canon 22 millimeter F2. Now, this is a pancake lens, so it’s very small. It’s a prime lens, so if it doesn’t have any zoom to it.

And it’s the fastest lens that Canon offers natively for their mirrorless cameras. Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras. So the 22-millimeter focal length is really a great focal length. It’s almost kind of a portrait lens
if you will.

Canon 22 millimeter F2 Lens

And F2 means that you’re gonna get the most blurry depth of field, blurry background out of any of the other lens options, directly from Canon. It also has an STM.

So it has that stepper motor for autofocus and it comes in at right around 157$ dollars, in the U.S. So I think that this is a great lens because it’s phenomenal for shooting YouTube videos.

You can just sit down and you know do face tracking and know that you’re going to get that tact sharp autofocus, while also having a really nice blurry background.

Canon 22 millimeter F2 Lens photography

And a great focal length for really not any distortion. And it’s just a great all-around lens. And it’s also a lens I would prefer for shooting photos. And, just throwing this on the Canon camera, leaving a lot of the settings on auto even just doing the touch shutter, just snapping photos.

The picture quality is pretty amazing. But from these examples, I would love to hear from you in the comments. What do you think about the photo quality, personally, I’m impressed.

Canon EF-m 11-22mm Lens

Next is the Canon EF-M 11 to 22. Now, this is the ideal lens for vloggers. Because this is super wide if you want to have that kind of Casey Neistat look. This would be the lens to pick up. Now, it comes in for 350$ dollars here in the U.S.

I love this lens and this would be my favorite walk-around lens. Again, for vlogging. You get such a wide shot. You can still zoom in, to 22mm, which is nice. And probably the only downside of this lens is that is starts at F4.

Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras

It goes from F4 to F5.6. So, as far as low light goes you’re a little bit hurt there. Now one advantage, though, to consider and I think about this stuff a lot. You know, something like a Canon G-7X starts at 1.8 on the aperture, which is nice.

So it’s really good in low light as a point and shoot camera. But it also has a smaller sensor than, say, like a Canon E-FM with a full APSC sensor. And we’ve noticed is, that sometimes a wide lens like this is not going to do very great at night time.

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But in lower light situations, like not pitch black. The sensor itself and the performance of just the ISO. The newest processor on say, the M50 really pairs with this lens, really well.

Again, it has the IS-the image stabilization and it also has the STM motor for autofocusing. So the combination of those two things makes this, paired up with the M-50, pretty ideal especially for vloggers. If you weren’t vlogging this might be a lens that you can pass on.

Rokinon 12mm F2.0 Lens

Alright, now I mentioned one additional lens that I wanted to cover and that is a lens from Rokinon.

Rokinon 12mm F2.0

Which is the only brand, at this time, that is making kind of the third party Canon EFM lenses. And these are kind of unique and they’re definitely not for everybody. But this particular lens is 12 millimeters. So it’s super wide but it has an F2 aperture.

So, if you wanted a really wide shot, right, you can get the wide-angle lens which is 11 to 22 but it starts at a 4.So at 12millimeters F2 this definitely brings something unique to the lens options.

However, the thing with these Rokinon lenses is they do not have autofocus.

So they’re really meant more for filmmakers, photographers, who are probably doing kinda staged shoots. Meaning, you’re really controlling your content and you want an artistic edge.

You need a lens that will work really really well in low light.

But I just wanted to mention this lens and actually Rokinon has nine different EFM lenses that all would fit on your Canon mirrorless camera. That is geared towards filmmakers and creatives that want odd focal lengths with really fast apertures.

Canon EF eos m Adapter

Okay, now my fourth recommendation is actually the adaptor. This is the Canon EF eos m adapter. And what it does, is it allows you to take lenses meant for normal Canon DSLR’s and mount them to your mirrorless camera.

And so, this thing retails for around 82$ dollars. But I’ve noticed that, again, you can find this often times for around 100$ dollars.Now I recommend you get the Canon version of this adapter.

Canon EF eos m Adapter

But you also could check out I think there is a photo opt version that’s even cheaper. It’s around 30 to 40$ dollars. I haven’t tested it but it has really great reviews on Amazon.

So if you wanna save some money and be able to adapt, you know, the EF lenses to your EF-M mounting system this is a great solution. And so if you were to pick this up for about 100$ dollars if you can find it online.

Then the next lens I’d recommend is the Canon nifty-50. It’s the famous Canon lens that comes in 94$ dollars .50 millimeters at 1.8. So if you grab those two together, you might be able to for about 225 to put one of the most killers.

Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras

Setups on your Canon mirrorless camera set up. So what you would ultimately have here is really a portrait lens now. Because there is a crop factor on the camera it’s 1.6 on top of the 50 millimeter making this kind of more like an 80-millimeter lens.

And if that didn’t make sense, I’ll do a link on the card. Kind of explaining, , different focal lengths and how lenses distort things and whatnot. So check out that article. But ultimately what you’re getting is you’re getting, what I would use this for is b-wall, low light and definitely portraits and photography.

What I’ve been able to shoot, with this 50 millimeter and the converter on the mirrorless line is just beautiful. F 1.8, a very good for low light. So it’s a great thing to put into your kit.

And what’s nice about that is that once you get that adapter you can always, possibly, activate older lenses that you have. If you already have some Canon lenses you could possibly invest in new lenses that you want to use for your mirrorless camera. Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras.


But I’d also say you could borrow lenses, meaning, besides renting them a lot of times when I go to events, or I am hanging out with friends, a lot of people shoot with Canon. So if you just want to get a few shots and you have the adaptor.

If you’re ever around any Canon EF lenses you can make them work with your mirrorless set up. So definitely something that I think that most people shooting mirrorless should have in their kit.

Because you never know when you’re gonna need it. And you potentially might want to combo up the 50 millimeters plus this adaptor. Because the two together can be very affordable and produce some awesome results. Okay, so I have one more lens to share with you.

Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras Variable Nd Filter

But I actually want to touch on one of my favorite accessories that I love to travel with my Canon m set up. And that is a variable nd filter from the pro master.

But an nd filter is basically like sunglasses for your camera. So let’s say we wanted to go shoot some video outdoors in the sunlight with the Canon 22 millimeter F2.

Variable Nd Filter

And we wanted the aperture to be at F2.So it’s really crispy and there’s that nice blurry background. Well, the problem is, if we are shooting in 30 frames a second then that means our shutter needs to be at 60.

Therefore, there’s gonna be too much light, period.

We’re gonna out the ISO as low as it goes. You know, the aperture’s wide open and that is a ton of light. So what do you do?

Well, you put sunglasses on your lens. You put and filter on. And so I got a 52-millimeter and filter and I have a couple of stepper rings.

So that’ll work with the lenses that I travel with. The Canon EFM 22 millimeter, it says that it takes 43mm threads. So I take my 43 mm adaptor here, I can screw that on.

And that will allow this and filter to fit right at the end of this lens. And now I’m good to shoot and get that really really crispy, blurry background. While having that nd filter on there.

Now I also have a 49mm to 52mm. So I can put it on the kit lens. Or I can put it on this 50 millimeter which has a 49-millimeter thread. So I can use this one nd filter for any of the Canon EFM lenses that I’m traveling with.

So if you plan on shooting video outside, definitely think about investing in a variable nd filter for your lenses.

Final Thought

I hope you find you’re all question answer about Best Lenses for Canon Mirrorless Cameras. And Let me know your thought about that.

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