Best canon lenses under 500:: My name sir Hartman and today the question on everyone’s mind is what is the best camera lens we can buy without breaking your bank account .so today I give you the best camera lens for under $500. okay so you have the first camera you’ve been taking photos but for some reason, they don’t really look the way you want them .let’s break this down.

you got to know what you want in a photo before you actually take it what. I like in my photos is a blurry depth of field nice framing and just good colors. I prefer my photos to actually look like they’ve been taken from a movie. well, call this cinematic well call it filmy whatever you want to do .now as you guys know I take my photography very very seriously.

photography and film cameras are my life.I spend most of my time around them. there’s a moment as a photographer where you’re gonna go from taking photos to taking photos .now if you don’t know what I mean its probably because you haven’t hit it yet to me .this is when I started taking photos that actually look like the photos that I was liking on Instagram. it was a really big moment for me and it kicked off a love of photography that literally has never left my body.

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now the big problem with photography is its an extremely expensive hobby. as I’m sure all of you know this is why I’m making this article for you. today I’m going to share with you the lens that changed my life forever. when I was very early on starting out in photography hoping it can do the exact same for you .now chances are when you bought your camera if it (best canon lenses under 500 ) came with .

best canon lenses under 500

it lens it came with some kind of zoom lens or a lens that could zoom in and out depending on like what you wanted to shoot these are great lenses.I will tell you why I do not use the zoom lens is able to capture a variety of different photos at different focal lengths .so, for example, this zoom lens goes from 24 millimeters all the way up to 70 millimeters .there are two obvious drawbacks to me right away actually.

there are three obvious drawbacks to me right away.when I start thinking about zoom lenses the first off is because there’s so many more moving parts inside the lens. its harder to get a very sharp image now Zoon lenses give a sharp image. but prime lenses or lenses that only shoot one focal length like a 24 millimeter or a 50 millimeter because they don’t have as many moving parts .a lot of the images are a lot crisper issue number two

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with zoom lenses now because this lens has to cover a variety of different focal lengths the aperture is pretty high aperture is just another fancy word for f-stop its how much light comes into your camera the lower the number the faster the lens the lower the light you can shoot in so most lenses that probably came on your camera were in f/4 or higher today I want to introduce you to the world of prime lenses where you can get a lens as

quick as 1.2 or 1.4 that means you can shoot with a lot less light and it also gives you that really beautiful blurry background you’ve been searching for now my third and last issue with zoom lenses is actually very simple because you’re able to zoom in and because you can sit in a chair and get different shots you get lazy when you have a prime lens something that

cant zoom in you’re forced to walk around and find the shot and to me that is part of the creative process so without further ado i want to introduce you to what i believe to be the best camera lens for under $500 actually way below $500 see when you’re looking between the 900 and $2 000 lens range there are tons of options but when you’re looking to spend less than $500 it can often feel like you’re not going to get a professional option and that that

completely untrue this my friends is the canon 50 millimeter 1.4 prime lens now this is actually the first lens i ever got that was not a zoom lens and I can remember the first day I took photos on it as clear as day but when it comes to finding a lens under $500 that can rival some of the $5 000 lenses I have in my cabinets this is it and here’s why my goal is not to just sell you

this lens but to make you understand why I enjoy it so much because there might be another option out there you know about that I don’t but as of right now I don’t think anything beats this lens for three hundred and fifty dollars now literally the first thing that makes this lens just incredible is that 1.4 aperture the background is so blurry its beautiful you know the difference when you shoot an iPhone photo or you shoot an iPhone photo

on portrait that’s the difference of using this lens against the standard zoom lens you probably have on your cam now this lens having an aperture of 1.4 means you can shoot in low light but it also means that blurry background and that bokeh of lights the brand and willful though the lights that just sit out here on the lens this is such an incredible option to be able to capture photos like that I can’t believe they haven’t raised the price on it and if you

don’t have any lens in your camera lineup that’s lower than a 2.8 you need to drive yourself to best buy or a camera store anywhere or even click the amazon link and buy this thing right now if you’re shooting photos at 2.8 waits until you see them at 1.4 another really great quality that most lenses in this price range even lenses into two thousand dollar price ranges really lack on is a fast focus ring when you quick focus on your camera how fast

can it focus on the image how sharp is it and can it actually like keep up with movement well getting focused is not a problem on the 51.4 its literally every single time its razor-sharp but what really surprised me is I put this on my 1dx and had my dog run towards me and I put the focus on his face and held the shutter down now I have some lenses that are in the thousands and thousands of dollar range that failed this test massively to my surprise

the 51.4 actually kept focus as the dog got closer to me with perfect sharpness the only two lenses I have that I think are sharper than this or my 100 millimeter canon macro which is like a thousand-dollar lens and then actually my entire line of canon cinema primes which go for like 35 grand together so to find one for $350 so this is my 50 millimeter canon

cinema prime and this is the 51 point for it is a lot smaller its got perfect autofocus and color reproduction is on point and you can see in these photos even for a $350 lens the color looks really great out of camera and then when I add one of my one-click lightrooms presets you can see that it actually like holds up now if you’re instantly thinking sorry its because

you’re shooting on a 1dx blah blah blah its because you have a nice camera here’s another really great thing about this lens now even if you’re using this lens on a canon t6i entry-level camera which is a great camera this lens is going to be closer to an 85 one-point-four which is another incredible focal length this lens will be able to transfer with you from camera to camera best canon lenses under 500

until it breaks down and that’s one of the downsides about this lens now I want to give a huge disclaimer this 50 millimeter lens is not meant for everything do not try to vlog on this lens do not try to get telephoto shots of deers in the woods on this lens when you start dealing in prime lenses you’ll start realizing that different focal lengths are meant for different types of

photography and the shots give the viewer a different emotional response my two favorite focal lengths in the world are 35 millimeters and 50 millimeters and they’re very very similar I’ve said this before but the 35 millimeter is kind of my Instagram go-to its perfect for getting a person and a location in the same photo so a girl standing with the Eiffel tower in the

back or angelique with a waterfall over her shoulder 35 millimetres perfect for that now when I think of a 50 millimeter lens I start thinking of photos of just people or one subject or thing in particular lets say you do make it to the Eiffel tower you just take three or four extra steps back and this starts to look like a 35 millimeter lens and granted the 35 millimeter lens that I think compares to this is $900 so again were over double the budget so now best canon lenses under 500

basically everything I’ve said about this lens in terms of photography can actually be applied to video its across the board a really great lens which brings us to the final moments this lens is actually super close to canons $2 000 50 millimeters 1.2 the majority of the differences come in to the build quality it is a plastic lens now while I’ve never had the glass or the mount

break I have now gone through three of these lenses all for the exact same reason I’m not quite sure why canon hasn’t fixed it yet but this little lens ring here the the tourney focus thing after about two years of use it becomes disconnected to the actual focus ring inside so when you turn it the focus doesn’t change and unfortunately that goes for autofocus too now you could pack this lens up send it back to canon they’ll fix it for you for free but its lenses under 500

gone six weeks with all that being said there are youtube tutorials of people these things apart fixing it in like 15 minutes putting it back together I tried it once I completely destroyed one and if that’s what you need to be able to do to be able to afford this piece of gear and make an investment and turn your dreams into a career well then I think you should do it but I’m dead

serious if you’re out there and your photos still look the same and you want to step it up and you’re looking for that cinematic blurry background just try this canon 50 millimeter 1.4 there’s also a canon 50 millimeter 1.8 also known as the nifty 50 this dude right here I have it in a box because of im best canon lenses

gonna do a video for you very soon on it this lens is only $100 which is nuts but in the big scheme of things for the extra turn in $50 I feel this is a much stronger lens and please share this video with absolutely anyone you think could benefit from it and leave comments down below of videos you’d like to see me do in the future so guys as always stay inspired to stay motivated and never stop creating peace best canon lenses under 500


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