Top 5 Reason Why You Need A Zoom Lens


Zoom Lenses are very important for Photography and Videography. Here are 5 Reasons Why YOU need a ZOOM LENS! Hey, guys, I’m sort of and in this article. I’m going to talk about five reasons you need to buy a telephoto zoom lens without wasting any time the variable portion length.

Now if you consider this a particular lens this is a 70 to 200. So if I want to shoot something wide at 70 mm. I have a lens for that if I want to shoot something close right at 200 mm.

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I have again the focal length available. If I want to shoot something in between like the 85mm one not 5 or 135 mm, I have it. So I have the variable focal length right now.

I can be at the position, I can zoom and I can change the composition. This was a negative of prime lenses. Since prime lenses cannot zoom you actually had to move by yourself.

But when you can’t move and you want to compose your shots the variable focal length is really going to be very very hard. These are some shots taken at different focal lengths.

So you get an idea about why variable focal length will be helpful. Because of the variable focal length you only have to carry a single lens. You know you don’t have to carry different lenses of different focal lengths.

You can, of course, carry a single lens and since you have that flexibility. It’s obviously better for traveling. The next reason is wildlife photography and sports photography.

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No rocket science that if you want to shoot wildlife or if you want to shoot birds animals you can’t get close to them and shoot at 50mm.You have to get a telephoto zoom lens.

And shoot maybe at 200-300 or maybe even 400 mm or more than that depending on the type of animal or the type of the situation you are in.

So the telephoto zoom lens is obviously the go-to choice for wildlife photography. But also for sports photography, the telephoto zoom lenses are really very helpful.

There are certain sports where you can’t again go right close to the players. You have to be at the distance and when you are at a distance and you’re able to zoom in up to 200 or more than that then you’re able to shoot the sports.

And basically that’s why for wildlife and sports the zoom lenses are highly recommended. The next reason and that might be a bit shocking for you as Lansky photography.

Now you might wonder sort of wildlife and sports. We understand zoom lenses are recommended because you have to zoom in. But for landscape photos, you need wide-angle lenses.

The wider the lens the better landscape images you will get. That’s utter nonsense actually a telephoto zoom lens is a must-have lens for landscape photographers. Because if you want to actually focus on a smaller part of the landscape you actually need a telephoto zoom lens.

So in this example, a wider angle lens will give you a wider perspective of a landscape. If you want to concentrate on a smaller part of it you can do that. So if you have a telephoto zoom lens you can do it.

You can focus on the smaller part and compose the shot the way you want. It will add a really different dimension to your landscape images. Some of the landscape photographers even use a 400 or a 600 mm lens for capturing get very good images.

The next reason is portrait photography. You can use telephoto zoom lenses also for shooting portraits. Now the cheap telephoto zoom lenses have an aperture of f/4 or F 5.6.

I wouldn’t recommend shooting at F 5.6. If you want that creamy smooth bokeh rather a 50mm 1.8 would be a better choice. But if you have something like a 7200 2.8 at 200 mm 2.8 the background literally disappears into a creamy bouquet.

If you see this particular video is shot at 200 mm 2.8 and the bokeh is just amazing. You can use this for shooting portraits and the portrait images coming out of this lens will really be looking very good.

So again prime lenses can be a good option for portrait photography. But if you want to use a telephoto zoom lens you can use it. Your zoom lens has a wider aperture something like a 2.8 or f/4 .

The least is the zoom compression what I actually mean by compression is the distance between the subjects. Actually starts getting reduced, so if you see in this example this image is shot at 200 mm.

And you might think the clouds are just behind the mountain but actually, the distance is a lot more. Just because I’m using a telephoto zoom lens and I’m shooting at a longer focal length.

The most of that compression I’m able to compress that background and the foreground to create depth in my images. So if you wisely use the compression you can create some very unique looking images. But remember just because you have that longer focal length doesn’t mean you always have to shoot at the longer focal length.

Sometimes compression can be useful and sometimes it might not. So use it wisely. So that was it from this article telephoto zoom lens can really be very helpful.

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