35mm vs 50mm Lens- Which one is best for Photography


35mm vs 50mm Lens- Which one is best | In this article, I will discuss which one is best 35mm vs 50mm lens. For travel, portrait or wedding photography. Because for best photography prime lenses are very important.

So first know what is prime lens?

What is Prime Lens?

In film and photography, a Prime lens is a fixed focal length photographic lens. As opposed to a zoom lens. Typically with a maximum aperture of from F/2 point a to maybe as low as F/1.2.

Prime Lenses are optimized to a specific focal length or purpose. This means that optical performance is generally much better and that the lenses can be made with larger apertures while still maintaining a fairly compact size.

Another benefit is that a prime lens will have fewer moving parts so there is less of an opportunity for problems to appear from general use. Generally, Prime’s perform better than their zoom counterparts and are sharper with fewer visible aberrations.

These differences can be very apparent. Especially with high-resolution sensors that are currently available in modern DSLR, mirrorless and interchangeable lens video cameras.

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I am currently in Gdansk Poland. While we were here exploring the old city. I thought it would be a really good idea to test out the 35mm lens vs 50mm lens. Let’s see which one is better suited for travel photography.

35mm vs 50mm

So we’re gonna do a bunch of tests throughout this article with both 35mm vs 50mm prime lenses. To see which one is better suited and what the pros and cons are of taking each of these lenses when you’re traveling.

In case you’re new to the blog, I am a liver building wedding photographer and my entire kit. I only have prime lenses which are why we’re focusing on that for this article.

I made another article in the past on why the 35mm prime lens is my favorite lens for travel photography. The first test we’re going to do is to take a landscape photo with a person in the frame.

35mm lenses

We’re gonna start off with the 35mm lenses and I’m gonna take some portraits of Dan. We’ll take some photos of me and we’ll compare what they all look like.

35mm lenses

Yeah, that’s pretty. All right and some close-up stuff, walk back away from me a little bit. Stand over there for me look around with that little patch of sunlight is yeah. That looks so cool mister like your little pacing kind of thing. These photos were taken in 35mm lens.

Now the den is taking some portraits with 35mm lens of me. I am standing right there on the side of the road. We’ve got the same pink building in the background.

50mm Lens

When there isn’t enough or a lot of space to work with for the photographer to move around. We just took some photos with 35 mm lens and now we’re going to switch to the 50mm lenses.

35mm vs 50mm

What the 50 mm lens shots den is pretty much backed up against the corner of the wall. There’s no further way to go there are years with our bags. So I think one of the most important things while you’re traveling is also taking fritters of food.

Nova Pirogova 50mm lens vs 35mm

The next test we’re going to do is taking fritters about food. So I found a restaurant called Nova pirogova where we’re going to have some pure doggy which is Polish dumplings. It is the best restaurant in gdansk.

So we’re gonna go in there now and order some food. After some time we got our food those I ordered. The vegetable pinot Gris, dan got blood sausage POV. We also got raspberry dessert as well. So I’m gonna take fritter first on the 35mm lens.

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I already know it’s something really good about the 35mm lens is that you don’t need to stand up to get a good shot. All the plates on the table which is good because it’s a little bit embarrassing.

35mm vs 50mm

Sometimes like whip out your camera to take fruit 50 times. So this one for sure I have to stand up in order to be able to get all the plates in the shot. There we shall see it looks really nice as well. I’ll try one without looking through the viewfinder.

I feel like an eagle with so many layers on and I’m still caught that food was so good. Now we’re going to do some landscape photography since we are in the old city of Gdansk.

City Buildings Photoshoot 50mm lens

We’re going to do some landscapes with the city buildings and the first place that I want to go to is a radish. I think it’s good and it is the top of the clock tower where.

There are some amazing views of the city from there that way. I really wanted to go up to the top of radish but unfortunately, it’s closed until the 1st of May. I’m gonna get a shot of the outside of the clock tower instead because it is quite a classic shot of good times.

35mm vs 50mm

So I’m gonna start off with my 35mm lens. I want to take a landscape photo so you can see all the buildings leading up to the tower. Also, a portrait photo so you can see all the buildings leading up to the tower and also a portrait photo.

So the tower is like the main focus of the building of the photo. I need to get in a little bit closer with my 35mm lens. Just to fill in more of the frame with the towel. Okay now, we’re going to switch to my 50mm lens.

So now with a 50mm lens in the same spot. I was standing for the closer up 35 fritters the towel is like the very prominent part of the image. Which is really cool.

Clock Tower In Gdansk 35mm vs 50mm

I’m gonna take a few more because that one was very crooked. I’m also not shooting at 1.4 for once in my life just to get super tuckshop images, especially on the 50mm lens. I feel like it really shines, it like f/2 and a bit high out it’s like super sharp.

Alright and I’m gonna walk further back.

A couple of things that I noticed just by shooting that landscape is that the 35mm has a bit more of an almost editorial feel. Because you can see so much of what’s going on in the scene. There’s also something a little bit has kind of like a rough edge to it compared to the 35mm vs 50mm lens.

That compresses the landscape a lot more and has a more romantic feel to it. So those are the two differences about 35mm vs 50mm lens. That I kind of feel while I’m taking photos with both those different lenses.

35mm vs 50mm

The last test that I want to do is close-up portraits with the 50mm lens vs 35mm. By the way, I should have mentioned this at the beginning of the article. Sorry but I’m shooting on my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

So this is the 50mm lens vs 35mm lens on a full-frame camera. It would be different if you use a crop sensor. I’m using the Canon 50mm f/1.2 and the Canon 35 mm f/1.4 marks 2 lenses.

So we made our way to a liver Park because right now it is spring in Poland. They have these beautiful blossom trees. So I’m really excited to get some portraits in front of this. We’re going to start with the 50mm lens. I’m at like a super-duper close-up, Time to freeze again.

50mm crop sensor equivalent

These so just super close up like the last 50mm ones best. This is what I like in between shots cuz I’m so cold after I took. Well, that is the end of our tests with the 35mm lens and the 50mm as travel lenses.

35mm vs 50mm
35mm vs 50mm – Which one is best for Photography

I think both lens 50mm vs 35mm is actually really grateful for traveling with a point. That I made earlier on in this article that I still personally prefer using the 35mm for traveling.

In 35mm vs 50mm, I found 50mm is best. Just because it has a little bit more of an editorial and realistic feel to the fruit is that It takes whereas the 50mm can be quite romantic and soft very pretty.

35mm vs 50mm

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And I kind of prefer the more realistic look that the 35mm gives. But that’s just me personally I would love to hear what you think.

What is the 35mm lens best for

After reading this article, I think you hope to understand Whis is best for photography. As my opinion 35mm lens is best.


Hope u understand what is the difference between 35mm and 50mm lens.35mm vs 50mm which one is best for travel photography. Let me know how was the article, in the comment section. Have a good day.

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