Shocking Example Photos With 35mm Prime Lens Photography


I’m here with my Nikon D3100 and I have a special lens on this. This is the 35mm lens that I use to get a lot of my best shots. The great thing about having a 35mm prime lens photography is even though you can’t zoom with this.

It’s OK because you can just move closer and get further back, but what you can do with this that you can’t do with many zoom lenses, is you can get shallow depth of field. You can create these great bokeh effects in your images

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And you can really make the subject pop off of the background with them. And it’s tack sharp when you do it right. This camera’s also great when you use a 35mm lens for low light situations, whether that be for photography or for video.

So, that’s the basically great thing that I like about using a 35mm prime lens, or a 50mm prime lens with this type of camera. So, whether you’re doing photography or you’re doing DSLR video, a 35mm or 50mm prime lens is a great starter lens for you.

Besides the kit lens that comes with your camera, in terms of getting either great portraiture shots, or handling shots whether it be photo or video in low light situations.

I like to use this a lot when I’m doing interviews or when I’m doing headshots. Because I just think it’s really great for that. I love being able to. Again, make the focus be on the subject and just drop off the background completely by shooting at f1.8 or shooting at 2.2 or even 2.8.

If I still need something to be tack sharp, I’ll shoot at like maybe f4. And I’ll still be able, just depending on the situation, to get some depth of field, and that works out just fine. And I also do that when I want to do a drop off like that in group shots as well.

35mm Prime Lens Photography Samples

So, the 35mm prime lens is great for photojournalism,
it’s great for portrait photography, it’s great for weddings, and it’s my primary lens that I use when I’m going out and I’m shooting cosplay photography or cosplay video.

35mm Prime Lens Photography
35mm Prime Lens Photography Samples 1

So, the one other thing that I will mention about getting a prime lens like this is whether you’re getting the 35mm or the 50mm, these are actually relatively inexpensive. These are about $200 dollars.

Which is really good for the quality of glass that they are. So, if you’re gonna get into portrait photography, or wedding photography, and you need a great lens, for when you’re doing your posed shots.

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Then I would go with this 35mm because it’s cheap and affordable until you can do something bigger. You don’t need the larger telephoto f2.8 lenses when you’re just starting out. Even if you can afford them, you won’t necessarily know how to use them.

Why You Need a 35mm Lens This is a great lens for learning composition, getting great shots, and working in a lot of different situations with 35mm prime lens photography.

So this is a very strong lens if you’re going to be focused primarily on shooting portraits. If you’re gonna shoot stuff like stage photography,
events, stage performances, and concerts.

Then maybe you do need an f2.8 at either something like a 24 to 70 or 70 to 200. You might actually need that in those situations. But if you’re just going to do basic weddings you can use this.

And you can use a standard telephoto lens, it’s gonna be of lower quality. It’s gonna be of a lesser build, but it’s gonna be affordable for you and allow you to get the shots.

35mm Prime Lens Photography
35mm Prime Lens Photography Samples 2

And you’re not gonna need necessarily as much depth of field for those particular types of shots, for what those events are. So that’s just an option. If you are gonna get another lens besides this.

I would say that another good affordable lens to go with, is an 85mm prime. I wouldn’t get a 35 and a 50, just because there’s not enough difference.35mm Lens You can actually just take two steps forward, and it’s the same lens.

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Two-step back, larger focal length does have some compression benefits to it, so that is an option. Why You Need a 35mm Lens But, my preference is to go with the 35, it’s a more flexible lens for tight situations.

And if I’m gonna get something else, I’d get the 85mm, just because it’s a bigger gap in terms of focal length.

Final thought

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this DSLR tutorial article. If you have any more questions about 35mm or prime lenses, go ahead and let me know in the comments section below.

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